Our Team

Matthew Fulks, Founder

Matthew Fulks’ passion for lawn care developed through working with his Aunt and Grandpa from the ages of ten to fifteen.  At fifteen, Matthew and a partner started a lawn mowing company out of the back of a 1995 Nissan Maxima.  At sixteen, Matthew bought out the company from his partner and began expanding.

By twenty-one he was a captain on the local fire department while at the same time growing his lawn care company. With the company growing rapidly he had to make a choice on which path to take in life. He chose lawn care and has never looked back, instead focusing on building a successful company.

Over the past eleven years, Matthew along with the ceaseless dedication and hard work of ten full time and two part time employees has grown Fulks Lawn & Landscape LLC into a comprehensive lawn and landscape company.

“My goal is to develop our employees and raise them up so they feel and experience the value that they provide to society with their hard work and dedication.  I want them to have a future and be able to provide well for themselves, and most of all for their families. I want them to be able to reach their own dreams. By educating each other and working hard toward future goals this goal will and has begun to flourish. By working toward this it has created a great level of care for our customers at the same time. I tend to work a lot…these guys and girls have truly become my family.”

Fulks Lawn and Landscape is comprised of three core teams, each committed to delivering exceptional service in their area of specialty. Each of our teams, Management, Mowing and Landscaping, all work closely together on a daily basis to provide the best lawn care and landscaping experiences to our customers. We communicate clearly and openly with one another to help ensure each and every project is completed as seamlessly and professionally as possible.

Meet Our Crew Leads

Mow Crew

Our Mow Crew consists of a dedicated group of individuals who’s expertise lay in lawn care and maintenance. From mowing to trimming and clean-up, the Mow Crew can be seen serving customers all around Johnson and Douglas Counties with pride, professionalism and a smile.

Landscaping Crew

The Fulks Landscaping Crew is specialized and brings years of valuable combined experience in landscape design, hardscaping, drainage and more. Our Crew is knowledgeable and reliable and work closely with our Landscaping clients to help bring their backyard (or front yard) dreams to fruition through soil, rock, wood and good old fashioned hands on work.

Maintenance Crew

The maintenance crew at Fulks Lawn & Landscape is dedicated to the upkeep and care of your landscaping project. From regular trimming and mulching, to roung-up sprays for weed management, our maintenance crew takes pride and care in the work that they do.