LEAF it to the PROS!

Proper leaf removal not only keeps your yard looking beautiful during the fall & winter months, it also has a number of other benefits!

  • Prevents clogged gutters & downspouts
  • Prevents lawn rot
  • Keeps city storm drains clear
  • Protects siding and fencing from decomposition

Don’t waste your valuable time raking and bagging leaves. Leave it to the Pros at Fulks to do it for you! You’ll thank yourself later. We also offer gutter cleaning so don’t forget about that this fall! We offer both one-time leaf removal as well as a leaf removal program. 

One-time Leaf Removal- Includes one visit- Occurs towards the end of fall for maximum leaf removal
Leaf Removal Program- Includes 4 visits- Final visit is more detailed and thorough – Regular mowing clients reduce their mows by two visits
Want to learn more or ready to get started? Contact us today for a no obligation quote for leaf removal services.

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